The communications services of DFN-Verein

Powerful, transparent and reliable

The communications services of DFN are tailored to the purposes of science and research which are under constant development in accordance with its users.

The focus of attention is always on an as good integration of the services into the information processes of the universities and research institutions with particular attention to the quality of service.

The communications services of DFN can be used by all organisations and institutions of the science and research sector provided that they are publicly funded or non-profit.

Furthermore, they are available for commercial enterprises whose purpose is science and research such as research co-operations or access to high-performance supercomputers.

For a great number of communications services, there are specialized service portals available which are established primarily for administrators with the institutions and organizations of DFN.

Moreover, several portals also offer a profound insight into the constantly updated operating information to users and the interested public.