A driving force behind innovation

With its development projects, DFN-Verein aims to improve the performance of the infrastructure provided and the services offered, and thus to adjust to the changing requirements of science. All tasks related to development projects dealt within the scope of the recent research and development program.

  • extension of science-oriented network services that also meet individual requirements of the users;
  • planning, creation and operation of generic not community specific e-science services, particularly in the areas of network, security, middleware and multimedia services;
  • to develop knowledge of e-science and grids in DFN by training the members in the potential, the status and the requirements of grid technology;
  • development and creation of a range of basic network services which are broadly applicable and are not limited to special scientific communities.

DFN-Verein takes part in the accomplishment of projects that operationalize the aims described by the development program, and that is primarily funded by BMBF (Federal Ministry of Research an Education) and the EU. Participation of DFN-Verein in the D-Grid project serves as an example. The work of DFN-Verein in its entirety is to be understood within the context of the general objectives of the development program of DFN.

With its „Framework for the development activities“ DFN-Verein provides a guideline for the future development of the national research and education network and the DFN services. Additionally, it defines a scope for the participation of DFN-Verein in third-party funded projects.

DFN-Verein not only operates the national research and education network and organizes its international integration. It additionally plays an increasing role as an „enabler of network based R&D processes“, a role that requires appropriate adjustments to its development activities.