DFN NetNews

DFNNetNews provides access to thousands of newsgroups which makes it possible to profit from the expertise of specialists within an international group of participants. In addition to a large number of English speaking newsgroups, the service offers a variety of national and regional newsgroups, where participants can take part in the discussions using various languages of the world.

For access to the news service, a contract has to be concluded with DFN-Verein. Click on „Further information“ for more detailed information about the services offered, the order form and costs. Consultation and Advice on 


Der Dienst wird im Auftrag des DFN-Vereins von der Zentraleinrichtung für Datenverarbeitung (ZEDAT) der FU Berlin realisiert. Technische Hinweise (Konfiguration, Anmeldung von Nutzern etc.) finden Sie auf der Website bei der FU ZEDAT unter:

The service is implemented on behalf of DFN-Verein by ZEDAT, Computing Services of FU Berlin.  


Click on Service-DFNNetNews of the websites of ZEDAT for technical details of configuration, user registration etc.