DFN Telephony

The convergence of telephone and data network

The development of computer based information and communication systems is determined by the vision of convergence of currently different communication systems and networks (data networks, telephone networks, mobile phone networks etc.).

The Internet Protocol (IP) appears to be a relevant factor in this process. It is globally widespread and popular and, at least in principle, can be used in all networks and for almost all services and applications. As one step toward convergence, DFN-Verein offers, in addition to classical (POTS) telephony, Voice-over-IP solutions and gateways between these technologies.

Participants (DFN institutions) taking part in the service DFNFernsprechen may receive classical telephony extensions (analogue or ISDN connection) and/or VoIP extensions. Thus, both a gentle migration toward VoIP and the possibility of a fallback to classical telephony are supported.

If you have any questions concerning DFNFernsprechen, please contact  Andrea Schroeter.

If you have special questions concerning VoIP, please contact Renate Schroeder.