DFN association

United potential

DFN-Verein is the association which promotes a German research and education network. It is the central organisation for science in Germany to develop and operate a communications infrastructure on its own, as Germany's national research and education network, DFN.

DFN-Verein implements its purpose according to the articles of association by allocating research and education assignments and by organizing services to use DFN.

DFN-Verein combines the competence and professional experience of its members and relays this expertise to its users. It represents the interests of science both in the national and international scope. 

As stated in the articles, the executive bodies of DFN-Verein are the general assembly, the executive committee (an extended executive board), and the executive board, which according to law is made up of the chairman of the executive committee and both its deputies. For support and consultation the board implemented a technology panel, an operational panel and a panel for legal and security concerns. In order to operate day-to-day-business, the board makes use of a head office run by management. To meet its statutory aims, DFN-Verein is a member and partner of other organizations. DFN-Verein is recorded with the magistrates court of Charlottenburg in the register of associations at # 7729 Nz. DFN-Verein pursues solely non-profit ventures.

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